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'Nammal Mudium' was founded by like-minded individuals who believe that a society can be free of ecploitation, injustice and oppression only when everyone is aware of their situation as well as their rights; where everyone is able to reclaim their suppressed voice and is empowered. We envision our roles as facilitators of this process of awareness creation and empowerment. The knowledge acquired through the various opportunities provided by our own life experiences of fighting odds and facing hardships have inspired us to come together for this common cause and share our knowledge, experiences and skills. 'Nammal Mudium' addresses issues of human welfare and rights through public education, community service and advocacy. Education serves as our most important tool for empowerment while working with women against the social, economic and political hurdles that the patriarchal regime imposes on them. Our focal areas of work are education, awareness creation, advocacy, healthy and economic development. Our aim is to help bring about self-sufficiency, awareness, collective consciousness and help improve overall quality of life within the communities that we work with.

About Us

Nammal Mudium runs innovative creative art workhop in various aspects of theatre. Improvisation,playwrting, devised, phicical and tech ical theatre along with dance, movements, visualanrts, voice, music and creative writing. Read More

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  • nammaalmudium@gmail.com
  • +91 9566797646
  • Nammal Mudium Trust 2/127, Mariamman Koil street Pudumavilangai Tiruvallure Taluk & Dostrict - 631203.

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